NEW Portable pool just launched!   Our product development team is proud to present a brand new 100% Namibian design and manufactured Portable Pool. Small enough to be transported on a trailer and big enough to have a pool party in your back yard. This pool will be ideal for you, if you can picture any of the scenarios and tick any of the boxes:
  • You are renting a property and cannot install a pool? This is the ultimate solution to a hot summers day.
  • It is small enough to fit on the balcony of a Flat or Townhouse, yet big enough for a pool party.
  • The clever design makes it very comfortable for sitting on the Martini seat while watching a big game on television.
  • This is the cool down solution for a low maintenance “weekend away farm house”.
Welkom by LIC Pool
LIC Pool is die grootste swembadfabriek in Namibië wat veselglasswembaddens vervaardig en die enigste wat swembaddens uit spuitsement (gunite) skep. Vir swembaddens, damme en waterornamente vir die huis, kantoor of korporatiewe gebruik bied ons al u gunstelingprodukte aan. Ons meer as 50 voltydse vakmanne installeer jare lank al die pragtigste swembaddens in ons land. Ons vervaardig en bemark ook produkte vir kliënte in Angola en Botswana en lewer spesiale dienste aan lodges, gastehuise en hotelle. Meer informasie

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