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The Backwash Bench (a newly developed product 2018)

The newly designed Backwash Bench is a functional yet stylish product that can seamlessly blend in with your pool area. Its core design purpose is to help save our precious water and save you money. Your pool's backwash water can now be stored inside the bench which holds a capacity of 380 litres (that equates to roughly 3-4 backwash cycles). When you are ready to re-use the water - for example watering your garden, simply connect your garden hose to the tap at the bottom of the bench.The dimensions of the bench are 2000mm x 500mm and is available in many colours.


Dit is raadsaam om ’n swembad wat buitekant is, te omhein. Vra u swembadkonsultant om ’n betroubare verskaffer van swembadheinings aan te beveel.

’n Filterkas is ’n uitstekende manier om u pompe en filters te versteek en die geraas wat dit maak, te verminder. LIC Pool bied ’n verskeidenheid filterkaste aan, wat by enige tuin sal pas. ’n Filterkas kan selfs as ’n klipelement verdoesel word.
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