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March 2012
Pool Doctor's tip of the month: The truth about Pool heating

With autumn and winter around the corner we would like to discuss the choices you have in heating your pool to extend the swimming season. To make the right choice for pool heating we are looking at variety of aspects such as the size of the pool, average water temperature needed, height of the pool above sea level, use of a solar blanket or not, type of pool (rimflow, shape, gunite, fibre glass, indoors). 

There are mainly two options for heating your pool: Solar panels or Heat pumps!
Solar panels 

There are different types of solar panels. Mounting solar panels looks easy, but installed incorrectly will mess up the flow rate of the pump resulting in the pool cleaner not working, bubbles in the pool to name but a few problems.

Solar panels are mounted on the roof of the house and will heat the pool to +- the ambient temperature of the day. The water of the pool is pumped up to the roof through the solar panels which heat the water and exits into the pool.

For example: When the outside temperature is 20 degrees, the water which exists the solar panels (correctly sized for the pool) will be at +- the same temperature. Bear in mind that the distance between the solar panels and the pool will have a big influence. Per one meter piping the water temperature goes down with 0,8° C.

This sounds all very good, but during the night when it is cold the solar panels will have the reverse effect and cool the pool water down. It is thus very important to manage the period when the pool pump is switched on.

In this article we can not gave you all the tips but one important one is: In the hot summer days when temperatures easily runs over 38 degrees it is very important not to turn the solar panel pump on through the peak heat period of the day.

In summery: The use of Solar panels will lengthen your swimming period through the year, but will not be effective during +- middle April – August. At the coast with lots of mist and strong winds the use of solar panels is not advised, as it will normally not be very effective. The startup cost in fitting solar panels are lower than the cost of a heat pump, but unfortunately they need more maintenance.
Heat pumps
Enjoy an extended swimming season, with a pool heat pump.

A pool heat pump, offers increased comfort throughout the year. Now you can easily and cost-effectively control and personalise the temperature of your swimming pool water. So every day can be a swimming day. Pool heating pumps are not only durable, as Titanium Polyamide is used to manufacture the condenser, they are also quiet, thanks to the use of cutting-edge technology. The ultimate, energy efficient pool system ensures the benefits of an extended pool season for you and your family. Heat pumps offer an ideal heating solution for residential sized pools. Uniquely manufactured from advance materials, the heat pumps are designed to last - rust free. Its energy efficient and easy to use, offer a cost-effective option for heating your pool. As with all heat pool pumps it comes with a good warranty on the Titanium Polyamide condenser for true peace of mind.

Ecological & energy effective:
 80% of the energy used to heat the pool is taken from the air which is a totally natural energy source. The refrigerants used also has no effect on the ozone layer. Effective because for every 1kw consumed by the compressor, the heat pump restores 5kw to the swimming pool. 

Easy installation: The pump is easily installed in an existing swimming pool with simple electrical and hydraulic connections. For solar panels you need a roof near by, the heat stands next to the pump and filter. 

 The quietest: Noise is a major consideration in the design of the heat pool pumps. Thanks to the use of cutting-edge ventilation and compression technology, they been able to develop exceptionally quiet products. 

Easy to use: The digital control thermostat, you can easily select and adjust the exact pool temperature you require. Equipped with a flow switch, the pool heat pump starts and stops automatically at the same time as your filtration system or override when nessaccery to achieve your desired heat level and not to exceed more than 32% Celsius in any fibreglass pool.
Conclusion: A heat pump can be fitted on every pool without a roof nearby, can be set on a temperature not to exceed and is low maintenance where the Solar panels are lower in price but needs more attention and can not be fitted in any situation. One very important aspect to keep in mind is: Although a heat pump works very well most heat pumps go into a defrost mode below 10 degrees celsius. Thus if your heat pump is not working during certain times in July, check the thermometer… It is most likely below 10 degrees. My advise is, if this happens, go and get a warm cup of coffee!

Till next month. 
Your Pool Doctor, Burgert Terblanche
Pool Doctor's tip of the month: The truth about Pool heating

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