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October 2012
LIC Jacuzzi's and Wellness

Jacuzzis: 'Water that moves you'

More and more people are looking for relaxation in and around the house. A swimming pool is than mostly the obvious ad on to your garden. But a muscle massage every day is nowadays also possible by having a 'water massage'.

Jacuzzi functionality in your existing (or new) swimming pool:
In every pool we can create a Jacuzzi feeling by putting jets with a blower motor to have a massage bubble stream. Virtually every pool, also the one you have in your garden, can be extended with this option. If your pool does not have seats we can build the functionality in into the stairs of your pool.

We do have a whole range of Splash (Jacuzzi) Pool available. These pool can be heated till 30 degrees but the purpose is obviously to cool down and sit in and relax. Combined with the Jacuzzi functionality it is even more fun. We also combine the splash pools to the your normal pool.
Hot water Jacuzzis for the cold evenings:
These ‘real’ Jacuzzis can be heated to 40 degrees and standard come with an extra pump for the different types of Jets. During evenings in the week most people are not swimming but these warm water Jacuzzis are awesome for the chilly nights and uplift your property and always comes with comfortable seats.

Portable Jacuzzis:
Easy to install, maintain and use.

Saunas are for the whole year round. The heat of a short (15 minutes) Finnish Sauna brings your blood circulation on a high level. It oxidises your body and it relaxes the muscles.
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