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September 2014
Your pool after winter

The cold is behind us and sitting behind my desk we already had some springtime rain. You are opening you pool cover and discover that you pool is crystal clear but you have marks on the wall or you experience other problems.

Water Balance:
After the wintertime many people think that if the water looks blue it is protected algae, but to fully ensure that the pool water is protected from bacteria and other contaminants, it needs to be tested if the Total Alkalinity level is fine before you start using your pool.

One of the problems you can face: light grey marks on the walls which can't be whipped of, or a barracuda disk that is eaten away. All this has to do with water balancing. You pool water is crystal clear but you Ph can be a lot higher than the 7,2 that is neutral. On average you need to raise the Total Alkalinity level of your pool twice a year.

In short, if you don't have it checked and get it right, you will keep on putting in acid and chlorine but the water has no capacity to keep the PH. So you waste you money and time. This test is not on the simple test kits, so bring a sample of your pool water to our LIC pool shop we will test the TA (total alkalinity) for you FREE of charge!
A possible cause of a dirty / green pool. How often is you filtersand changed? The filtersand and the amount of filtration hours is important to ensure a clean pool. When the filtersand is not capable of keeping dirt during filtering and being washed away by backwashing the pool will easily get dirty or green. The chemicals are not going to help much and the pool is difficult to maintain.

We advise you to have you filtersand changed every 3rd year to ensure a perfect functioning filtration and use a less chemicals as possible.

Best regards, Burgert Terblanche
Your pool after winter

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