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Service & Maintenance
Pond care is relatively simple and should be done only when necessary. With the skimmer system that we recommend, your time investment should be about 15 minutes a month. A skimmer is similar to what you would see at a pool. It is a covered vault with a basket in it with water flowing through it. It collects all the debris from the pond and holds it in the basket until you empty it. Sometimes frogs and other surprises also get in there.
There is also the annual pond cleaning. This is done once every 2 to 3 years. It involves draining the water out of the pond ( the fish go into a covered holding tank. Make sure enough oxygen is pumped into the holding tank! ), power washing the rocks, cleaning out any debris, checking all the underwater lights, making sure everything works properly, cleaning out the skimmer unit and bio filter, fertilizing the plants if needed and then filling it back up.

The fall process involves netting the pond. This is a great time to divide any over grown plants as well. Many of our clients have us reclean the entire pond so it looks great all summer long.
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