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Gunite Pools
If the shape or look and feel is not in here we can design your Gunite pool with Water and Rock Features completely to you likings.
Gunite is a system where we dig the hole in the shape of the pool you want. This is followed by a process of carefully preparing the hole to make sure we get a natuaral shape with dephs and features per your or the archtitects specification. Steel mesh beams gets inserted in the pool to hold the concrete of the the wall. This is followed by the gunite process. A pre mix of concrete and sand is made which is fet into a gunite machine. This machine is powered by air pressure of 7 bars.

The mixure is then forced  through a pipe by the air and litterly shot into the walls of the pool. On exiting the pipe a tiny bid of water is aded to activate the cement mixure. This forms a very strong bond which is litterly immediately hard enough to walk on.  After our craftsman shaped the final shape of the pool, it gets time to cure.

This is followed by a process of covering the gunite with marble plaster in a variaty of pool colours. As soon as it is dry the pool is tready to be filled with water.
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