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Repair and remodel your existing swimming pool , we urge you to contact LIC Pools to explore the opportunities for updating and upgrading your existing swimming pool and/or pond. A LIC Pools renovations specialist is ready to learn more about your needs.
Our trained professionals will inspect the concrete shell and deck, the coping and tile, your finish (interior plaster), plumbing, and equipment. After assessing your objectives and the condition of your swimming pool, we will make recommendations and provide a quotation to you.

LIC Pools offers all swimming pool renovation services from small projects (such as tile replacement and equipment upgrades) to major refinishing and updates. If you are considering refinishing the plaster on the interior of your existing pool or spa, we are able to add ANY of the features you see on our website to your swimming pool or spa! Also consider a Jetstream (keep on swimming), water features, underwater lights and fitness tools.
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