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February 2014
The Effects of Rain on Swimming Pools

Here in Windhoek, the rainy season is typically during the months of January, February, March, and April. We all love to have a rainy season and hope and pray for a good one this year, but you have to know a couple of things about rain effecting your swimming pool.

A swimming pool experiencing an algal bloom. Swimming pools can turn green after a shower because of an infusion of nitrogen-enriched rain that provides the perfect breeding ground for algae. If left unchecked, that crystal clear swimming pool can turn green almost overnight if an algal bloom “blossoms.” At that point, the water is unusable for several days during the clean-up process. We provide you with 3 main tips for keeping the water clear and algae at bay. The three areas of pool maintenance to pay attention to are: disinfectant levels, proper circulation, and optimizing filtration systems.
Maintain Proper Disinfectant Levels

Usually, a small dose of chlorine and algaecide immediately after the storm is all that is needed to keep algae at bay. But maintaining proper disinfectant levels -  chlorine level above 1 parts per million - is just part of the battle. The disinfection process also includes brushing the walls and floor of the pool to move the remaining algae particles into the circulation and filtration system. Instituting a weekly maintenance plan that includes adding a small dose of algaecide and brushing the walls and floor will help keep algae away.
Maintain Proper Circulation

Good circulation is essential to ensure proper filtration and the even disbursement of chemicals and disinfectant throughout the water. One of the most common mistakes that we observe at pools is the placement of chlorine tablets in the skimmer baskets. Because chlorine tablets are acidic, putting them in the skimmers baskets will likely cause the pump impeller to erode and affect the proper circulation of the water. The result can be a costly pool repair as well as increasing the likelihood for algae growth. The best is to use an chlorine feeder or the common floaters. The help you to ad slowly but surely chlorine to your water but in low dosis at the same time.
Maintain Proper Filtration

A number of products are available to be applied to the pool's filter so that dead algae can be trapped and back washed to keep the pool looking good. The most common type of filter is a sand filter, but its effectiveness can be ruined by using the wrong additives. Adding chemicals to get the water clear can sometimes gum up and prevent proper filtration of the water. There fore it is important to replace the filter sand on 2-4 yearly (depending on the pool and the usage) basis to make sure the filter capacity of the sand is the highest and you can use less chemicals to keep your keep in perfect condition.
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The Effects of Rain on Swimming Pools

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