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Saunas, Smart Exclusive IR Cabine
Our Smart Exclusive red cedar Infrared cabins with dual emitters are the ideal way to relax. This infrared cabin can be easily placed in and around the house. With its short warm-up time and low power consumption, you can enjoy quick and inexpensive of these Infrared Sauna.
What are Duo emitters?

The Smart Exclusive infrared cabins are equipped with the Duo - emitters. The elements of the already existing long wave infrared emitter, and the also existing for some time Full Spectrum radiator are merged into one. Most of the emitters in the infrared cabins are sparred Smart Exclusive Duo emitters so you enjoy a complete system of full spectrum emitters in your cabin together with a complete long wave system. So two for the price and convenience of one. The big advantage is that you can switch the long wave heaters, heat up the cabin, and already after 15-20 minutes step in a " warm blanket " which because of these long wave heaters gives you a real sauna feeling with a approached temperature between 40 - 60 degrees Celsius and where you can perspire delicious. You can also switch the cabin on the full spectrum emitters, which you do not necessarily need to heat up, so you can immediately take place, and immediately feel the radiation 4 mm deep into your skin. This gives you the opportunity without sweating too much to achieve what you want; this result is even there with the cab door not fully closed.

The Smart sparred Exclusive Duo emitters can all individually be switched between the short and long wave element.
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