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Pools, Special Design, Renovations, Ponds, Water Features, Rock Features, Pool and Fun Products, Water Treatment Service, Pool Repairs, and Pool Maintenance throughout Namibia.

Today LIC Pool Centre is the only Pool factory in Namibia and offers one-stop shopping pool / pond and water feature products for leisure industry and private clients. With over 50 FTE professionals we have been providing water fun in Namibia for many years.

Swimming Pools

LIC Pool- Fibreglass Pools

Fibreglass Pools

Over more than 30 years we are producing fibreglass quality pools. Our own Windhoek factory produces more than 20 different types, from Splash to big pools.

LIC Pool - Gunite Pools

Gunite Pools

If the shape or look and feel is not in here we can design your Gunite pool with Water and Rock Features completely to your personal preferences.

LIC Pool - Portable Pool

Portable Pool

Our product development team is proud to present a brand new 100% Namibian design and manufactured Portable Pool which can be transported on a trailer.

Inground Jacuzzis

LIC Pool - Inground Jacuzzi


LIC Pool made a speciality out of combining your pool and Jacuzzi in one beautiful wellness centre in your own garden. Next to that we are certified distributor of quality Jacuzzis.

The pump systems for the standard units and the “Flushdeck” units are slightly different in size and component make up. Spa pumps are insulated in order to provide an environment free from excessive noise caused by the operation of the spa.

We create ponds that will enhance the atmosphere of your garden

The design of a pond is very important. Not only to enhance the appearance of where it is installed but also to be practical. Koi ponds can be designed specifically to promote health and growth of the Nishkigoi or Japanese Ornamental Carp. LIC Pool can advise, deliver and install all necessary equipment for healthy and good looking Pond.

One of LIC Pools speciality is the creation of Water & Rock Features

Water Features

Throughout Namibia we have created hundreds of different Water Features to spice up a garden, pool, pond or parking place.

From a c supplies a classical marble fountain to a solid customised concrete fountain, LIC Pool can install it in any size and shape. Each feature is built employing only the most modern technology and finest resources.

Rock Features

In our LaFrenze Fibreglass factory we can create any Rock Feature that you a costumer can think of. We can advise and consult you on the possibilities.

Next to that we also offer a range of standard Rock Features for different purposes as covering the technical installation or as a Water Feature.

LIC Pool offer a continuously expanding array of pool products

We constantly strives to locate products of the best quality / price ratio, while at the same time maximizing supply logistics to deliver the best value to our customers.

Saunas, Smart Exclusive IR Cabine

Our Smart Exclusive red cedar Infrared cabins with dual emitters are the ideal way to relax. This infrared cabin can be easily placed in and around the house.

Pool Automation

There is a large range of automatic suction pool cleaners available in our shop. They are simple to install, easy to use and fit every application of pool design so you can be sure of superior cleaning performance.

Pool Heating Systems

LIC Pool is using the latest ecologically friendly pool heating systems and products designed to maximise energy & cost savings and reduce your C0² emissions.

Pool Covers

A pool cover performs a multitude of tasks. Keeping the pool clean, reducing heat loss overnight and children safety are the most obvious. Covers also keep out the dirt and dust and help reduce water evaporation by 97%.

Pool Equipment

The newly designed Backwash Bench is a functional yet stylish product that can seamlessly blend in with your pool area. LIC Pool also offers a variety of different filter box covers to complement any backyard setting!

Pool Lighting

Under water pool lights create an inviting backyard environment after the sun goes down. Underwater lights are a must for night time pool safety and enjoyment.

Water Treatment

Whether you have a saltwater system, chlorinator or a conventional system, LIC Pool can provide you with the best product.

Fun & Fitness

We offer a wide range of pool fun products for swimming, playing and aqua fitness. Get more out of your pool and don’t exercise in the heat, but in the coolness of your pool.

Garden Furniture

LIC Pool is a certified agent for export quality garden furniture. We will also stock a variety of steel, aluminium and other trendy patio products.
LIC Pool Centre

Protecting your investment with LIC Pool Maintenance Plans!

Regular maintenance is the key to enjoying and protecting your poolscape investment for years to come, and you can rely on LIC Pool for its continuing care and service. Our worry-free maintenance program keeps your pool, spa and aquatic environment clean, attractive and functioning properly.

Repair and remodel your existing swimming pool? We urge you to contact LIC Pools to explore the opportunities for updating and upgrading your existing swimming pool and/or pond. A LIC Pools renovations specialist is ready to learn more about your needs.